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In the past, the traditional ways to acquire second citizenship in a country where one was not born were through ancestral ties, naturalisation and/or marriage. However, recent decades have seen the introduction and subsequent expansion of “Citizenship by Investment” programs. 

Buy Real Passport Online
Buy Real Passport Online

Buy Real Passport Online

get a second citizenship, usually through

  • Marriage
  • Naturalization 
  • Birth 
  • Grandparents
  • Economic Investment

Reasons to Buy Second passport and obtain a Second Citizenship

There are numerous advantages to having a second citizenship and being the owner of the second passport which comes with it.

Freedom of movement

Not all passports are created equal. Many of the nations which offer the possibility of second citizenship have top tier passports. These stronger passports allow extensive visa-free travel around the world.

A better quality of life

For some, the allure of acquiring second citizenship is simply to provide themselves and their family members access to a country that promises a higher standard of living. Your second citizenship could be found in a country with better quality education, health care, and social security. You can also find many places which are more affordable, have better climates and are all round friendlier and more pleasant to live in. Buy Real Passport Online


In recent times there have been increasing instances of political upheavals, economic meltdowns, natural disasters, pandemics, and other unexpected risks. A second passport is the ultimate safety net in the event of anything going wrong in your home country. 

Buy passport through Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by investment refers to one specific way of obtaining second citizenship. Namely, the applicant qualifies for citizenship by investing a specific amount of capital in the host country. This ‘investment’ can be in the form of a donation, a real estate investment, a government bond, or other approved options, depending upon the specific country’s requirements.

The fundamental requirements:

The specific requirements for qualifying for citizenship by investment vary depending on the program. Some may include health examinations, background checks and other administrative procedures. Some programs require you to own or rent property in the country. Each program also has a different minimum investment requirement.

  • A clean criminal record
  • The ability to show the legal source of the investment revenue
  • purchase of government bonds or a donation to a national economic fund

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